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Nutrition 101: The Art of Healthy Eating

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

What is food to you, I ask.

‘enjoyment’, she says.

‘pure love’, he says.

‘my hobby’, one chimes.

‘Its nourishment’, my mind claims.

Hello there fellow Nutrition enthusiasts, I'm Jenifer and I eat, live, talk and breathe nutrition. Although an Environmental Scientist by profession, I am a nutritionist by passion and  someday I aim to become a Nutritional Scientist.

Did you know that,

You are what you eat?

Did you know that,

Fitness is 70% diet and 30% exercise?

Did you know that,

Nutrition is trending with 47.9M follows

on Instagram?

Well, you may like my poems, but not so much these bitter facts. I did not believe in these facts either in the beginning. However, over the years, after adopting certain lifestyle changes, I have come to realise the harsh reality; which is, you need to focus on the food that you eat more than the cardio and weights that you do at the gym.

If you open Wikipedia and type Nutrition, you would see that Nutrition is the science that evaluates the nutrients and other components in food with respect to cell maintenance and growth, and eventually the health of the organism. Nutrition science also studies other related processes, which are ingestion, absorption, assimilation, biosynthesis, catabolism, and excretion of that molecule of food that goes into your mouth. But have we understood nutrition well ? Have the doctors studied nutrition during their MBBS course or is it a science that they leave it to the nutritional coaches ? In today’s internet-savvy age, it is not difficult to google out the top 10 best nutritional foods, however, what may be useful to you may not benefit the other person at all. Now that is because nutrition should be considered along with other factors like age, fitness levels, activity, family history, your geographical location, and…basically the entire environment that surrounds you. And while we evaluate all of these factors, we are bound to stumble around myths and marketing gimmicks on nutrition and end up spiraling down into their quick-fix traps.

Today’s world is longing for the ultimate nutrition truth. The search for the diet that needs to be followed and the superfood that needs to be consumed is changing with every passing day and will so in the years to come. Thanks to the onset of new diseases which I would like to term the ‘generation disease’, the importance of nutrition is being given its due now.

So what do I follow when it comes to nutrition? I follow 3 things – my parents (since they have fed me during my growing up years, and that food has been imprinted in my genes); I take inspiration from our ancient Indian texts, the science of Ayurveda, as it helps me understand the Indian superfoods that will help my Indian-bred-body and soul. I follow certain youtube fitness coaches, and I feel privileged to see lots of free advice being given on the topic of Nutrition science. And lastly and most importantly, I rely on my common sense for finally deciding what would work best for me and my body type.

The art of healthy eating in my viewpoint is an art to choose food smartly, an art to chew food completely, and an art to maintain and sustain an effective digestive system. Here I am, bringing out the science behind this art, and sharing some personal anecdotes with you all, enlightening your journey and being your health mentor all the way long.

There is so much to talk in this space, and so on the next post, I will be talking about why I started this journey. Until then, here’s wishing you a perfect fit day.

Also, do check out my Instagram page @perfectfitday for more of my success stories and struggles. Keeping it real and simple has always been the key. Namaste!

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