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SIMPLY SURREAL! : Our First Sight of New Zealand

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

No man ever said JETLAG is great.

Here I am jotting down the day 1 of our road trip in the South Island of New Zealand while my sleep cycle went Haywire and I could barely stay awake.

It was on the 15th of February 2019. My husband and I were on our first international trip together termed as our ‘HONEYMOON’. We were driving down to Queenstown from Christchurch and as we passed by the beautiful Canterbury plains and while I kept gazing at the blue cotton candy sky I dozed off and after a couple of hours when my husband woke me up I was mesmerized to see the postcard-worthy gorgeous turquoise lake right before me. I had never seen anything so surreal! The turquoise lake which I describe as BLUEEE, the green trees, the brown mountains, the pebbles around just blended so well. It was exactly like the painting I had done in 2012.

I spent sometime to make myself believe it wasn’t a dream. While I sat on the rocks by the lake enjoying the cool breeze on that sunny noon, at that very moment I ticked off Lake Tekapo, the blue jewel in the golden Mackenzie Country as one of my favorite destinations in the world I had visited so far.