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Parenting is a Juggle of Advices

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

The Pearls of Wisdom Diaries: Chapter Two

Sabeeha Saheb

The first five years of a child are for the parents. This is a quote I have heard my father say. How many of us really remember the first five years of our lives ??

These sleepless, super tiring, challenging yet the most satisfying and joyful few years of our lives as parents, are the times we won't trade for anything in the world. Also, they are a free licence for every relative, neighbour, friend, colleague, passerby, give us advice and tips on how to manage things!!

"Smile and wave and wave...", said the Penguins in the Madagascar movie. This keeps ringing in my head when I hear unsolicited advice. But well, acknowledging that every help, advice, idea comes from a place of concern and love, we could smile and accept/agree with the words of wisdom and use the ones most relevant to our situation and baby, rather than debating about them.

Remember, whether it is sleep training strictly in a baby cot or co-sleeping, baby led weaning or traditional feeding, no screen time at all or a few fun videos.........whatever is our pick, we should make these few years fun and memorable for ourselves, as we see our babies thrive.

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