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Switzer(Magical)land✨ : The Ultimate 3 Stop Travel Guide

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Aisha Tamanna

If there’d be one place in this world where I’d wanna “lounge“ for ever? That’d be Hands down Switzerland.

Traveling never came naturally to me. I’ve had issues regarding travel sickness but this one trip to Europe, has ruled out that established fact.

Out of the 4 countries I was able to cover on my last visit to Europe, i just couldn’t get this one out of my mind.

There’s just so much perfection out there - You’d feel you’re watching an endless painting as you travel across this huge canvas on the SBB ( Swiss Federal Railways )

Landing in Zurich from the sunny Roma, was in itself a 180 degree shift.

Rome has its own charm but now let’s just let the Swiss steal this show.

The first thing you‘d wanna decide if ever visiting here, would be your exact duration of stay. That would then help you decide on how you’d wanna travel across this country.

Switzerland is quite infamous for being the most expensive European country in terms of tourism and it does quite well hold on to it.

Once you have your commute sorted, you’re good to go !

I could cover three major “Must Go’s“ in my 4 day stay in Bern.

P.S. - Bern has an amazing SBB hub station for covering a majority of tourist Must Go’s.

The first place that I had to go was Mt. Titlis. This falls in Engelberg and is an almost 90 mins train ride from Bern.

Here’s where I touched my first snow ever and this directly went on to being my most favorite place in the world.

In my Second stop, I visited the world famous Matterhorn in Zermatt.

This mountain is well known as the “Toblerone mountain“ as it’s printed on its packaging.

I was more than happy to see more snow here but the ride up to the peak of this mountain was as beautiful as it could get. The whole of Zermatt can be seen as the Gornergrat train takes you to the peak at 3,089 m in 33 minutes.

In my Third and final stop, I was able to make it to the beautiful city of Grindelwald.

Here, I ended my beautiful trip on a rather sunny note by completing an amazing 50 min, 6 km trek to the lake Bachalpsee which is at 2265 m above ground.

Most of the elevation is covered via Cable cars and the view around this area is breathtaking.

P.S. - The Moore’s in Grindelwald in earlier times were rumored to be Magical. It was believed that witches were subject to exilation in these Moore‘s and their magic lingered long after their death.

So that was my trip to the Breathtaking Switzerland and I cannot wait to get back and explore more🇨🇭✨

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