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Trinker Team

Our team comprises of people across the globe, pursuing different careers. They love to pursue their passions and this website represents what they love to do.

Dibyajyoti Saikia

Founder and Chief Strategist

"Dibyajyoti is an avid Marketing Professional working with a multi brand wholesaler. He is a curious soul and likes to be creative in a different way. He is passionate about Travel, Culture and Cuisines. This platform is an enabler for people to express in an old fashioned way with a pinch of modern touch."

Shefali Naval

Co-Founder and Blog Editor

“With a pragmatic and innovative approach to life, Shefali has always been fueled by an interest to start something creative. Being an ardent lover of history, Art and Travel, with this blog, she aims to provide readers and writers a platform to express as well as experience."

Sabeeha Saheb

Blog Writer

“An advocate for positive thinking, Sabeeha is always fun to be around. While she juggles between Business consulting and Motherhood, she likes to analyze life, people and situations from different perspectives. She currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.”

Shafana Mamunji

Blog Writer

"A homemaker, Shafana has pursued her passion in Pilates and then training women of different age groups with underlying health conditions. The transcending role enabled her to make a mark in this field and let her positive attitide find her goals."

Varsha Vadiraj

Blog Writer

"Bearing a curious attitude and contemplative outlook on life, Varsha has lived in different countries namely India, Switzerland, and Germany. She is an avid reader keenly interested in literature who expresses her ruminations and reflections on diverse topics through the medium of writing."

Sindhu Vittal

Blog Writer

“ Sindhu by profession is a technical content developer, who out of passion is exploring her way into the world of creative writing. She likes to keep herself occupied with books. She has an affinity for Music, Art and Dance. She is also a fitness enthusiast who has a routine of practicing Yoga.”

Jennifer Fernandes

Blog Writer

“A fitness enthusiast and a regular Yoga practitioner , Jenifer also enjoys reading, baking and inventing recycled products. Her passion for the Environment and its Sustainability, led her to pursue a career in Environmental Science. She aims to make this world a cleaner and greener place to live in. She currently resides in Kuwait.”

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