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Welcome to my portfolio. I'm a Sales Consultant by profession currently based out of Bangalore, India.


I've been deeply fascinated by art and design since my early childhood. It started with winning drawing competitions and then slowly entering the digital design era. I take up freelance design projects during my free time for Branding and Logo, Book Covers, Landing Pages, and Social Media Content projects.


What I enjoy is the process of bringing to life a client's imagination through sheer and delightful visuals. 

Looking forward to interact with you and collaborate for fun and interesting projects.

Delulu is a modern lifestyle brand, that encompasses the vividness of modern-day Gen Z. This brand indulges with a multi-color definition of customer profile and a wide acceptability of young 21st century target segment. This project includes Logo Design and Brand mockups.

DELULU Concept (UPshow Announcement)_edi

Quotes in Social Media platforms has rapidly popularized and is a great source of motivation. I love to explore the endless possibilities of making the content minimalist, colorful or contemporary.

aging like fine wine (1).png

Social media content with Billboards, Banners, Shoutouts are very captivating and eye-catching ways of passing on information viz., Advertisements, Quotes, News and a lot more. Below are some of the designs.

aging like fine wine (UPshow Announcement).png


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