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7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo at Least Once in your Life

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Lavanya Gopal

Solo travel is something that most of us are skeptical about.

Well it does sound fancy, but most of us are not sure if it really is fun plainly because we human beings are social animals and we cannot handle being alone.

But one thing we need to understand is that solo travelling does not make you feel alone, it just helps you open up to this whole new world out there and makes you become a BETTER, AWESOME version of yourself!

Here are 7 reasons why you should travel alone:

You don’t have to make plans and then cancel. This is the best thing about solo travel I'd say, there's absolutely no need to worry if your friends or partner doesn’t turn up. Well one thing I have realized is that, if you wait for others you will never go anywhere. So, please don’t let another hold you back from the places you want to explore or the cuisines you want to try out or the culture you want to experience.

It helps you overcome your fears. I know travelling alone is always a mixture of both positive and negative experiences since you have never done it before. I am sure feeling alone is a fear that tops the list, but trust me you will meet a lot of new people and make plenty of friends. As a solo traveler, you start being totally responsible for yourself and you inevitably end up discovering how capable you actually are! You are never alone when you travel.

It helps you build your self esteem and confidence. Yes travelling alone is such a good thing to do for your self esteem and confidence. You will be a whole new person radiating with confidence.